Hell Yes! You Can Write Ethical Copy That Increases Sales, Clicks & Conversions…

Even If You ‘Hate’ Writing, or Think You’re ‘No Good’ — Or We’ll Eat Our Words!


“If only people could see what I do. I’m SICK of feeling worn out without seeing real progress.”

“I know I’ve created something amazing. If only I could get more people to my _______ (product, service, program, offering), I could make a real difference.”

“Maybe this isn’t for me. No matter what I try, I can’t seem to get the traffic I need to comment on my posts, open my emails or buy my products and services.”


You’re not the only one.                       

It’s true that the online business has become a crowded place. There’s more people competing for attention than ever before. Which makes it harder and harder to stand out.

Worse, a lot of dedicated entrepreneurs, like you and me, loose out because they focus on the wrong things. They’re living in their social media pages, wasting time churning out too much free content and trying to be everywhere at once.

But guess what? Being everywhere isn’t getting you where you want to be. You’re experiencing burn out, frustration, and high spending with low (or no) return. Here’s what you really need to know:

No matter how talented you are, how hard you work your fingers to the bone, or how much you create, one of the most vital skills you need for your business to thrive is this:

You must inspire TRUST with your communication

And inspire a YES in order to succeed

— or your business WILL die.


It’s as important as breathing.

If you’re not seeing real results from your marketing strategies, doing the same thing over and over is not the answer — it’s INSANITY. If you want your business to succeed, you must create messaging and marketing with the RIGHT words.

Words that ring true with your target market. That persuade them to invest in a solution… your solution.

Open your emails, share your posts, reach out for a consultation and most important — buy your product or service.

It’s clear isn’t it?

Copywriting is a VITAL SKILL if you want long-term success.   


I know this because writing quality, conversion-worthy copy has helped me earn an income serving hundreds of startup entrepreneurs, well-known name brands, and large corporations earning more than $100M in annual revenue. And it’s helped me start and grow DNC Copywriting and the DNC Written Marketing Course Membership from the ground up. A company and program that’s helping entrepreneurs from around the world.

After consulting with business owners and course developers (most you’ve definitely heard of) with 10 years of combined experience successfully running online businesses, it’s clear writing is the one skill that never fails to help produce results again and again. Writing clear, compelling copy has helped me reach thousands of people (and counting) through my customers and clients, social media, videos, emails and online courses.

Over the years, I’ve had the honor of helping hundreds of small business owners, just like you and me, start and grow their businesses. But I’ve also seen this scary trend…

Over and over again the one thing I’ve seen

that crushes otherwise incredible businesses

is a lack of strong, effective, message-driven copy.   


It’s soul-crushing to see incredible businesses fail because they haven’t grasped this fundamental skill. I truly believe in YOU and YOUR power as a boot-strapping, heart and soul-giving business owner to thrive.

I want to help you do that.

Which is exactly why I created a sure-fire program that takes you step by step through how to write copy that’s compelling, effective and — genuine to YOUR message in YOUR voice.


Everything You Need To Write Copy That Helps You

Understand Your Customers

  • Build Your Brand Message Loyalty
  • Drive Traffic Your Offerings
  • Dramatically Increase Conversions
  • And Make The Impact You Were Born To Make

DNC Written Marketing is an online course and coaching community designed to get you writing more powerfully, persuasively, and effectively – in your voice — NOW.


All of the course materials, including real-life examples and case studies, templates and checklists, and a private community to get feedback on everything you write, all immediately available within our online membership program.


Streaming Videos Case Studies Template Worksheets Writing Checklists & Formulas Bonus Resources

Here’s exactly what you’ll learn in each module


how to read your customer’s minds (and where to find them)

In order to sell to your ideal customers, you need to understand what they want and how they express that. In this module you’ll:

Unlock the meaning behind what your customer says and what they actually want

Leverage the power of past experience and your own heart to communicate in your customers words

Master the ability to build brand identity and help your customers align themselves with you

Set the building blocks to build your brand story and discover the core message your customers want to hear

Put yourself in our case study’s shoes and see how she used these skills to create a better business model and communicate with her customers more effectively


overcome the dreaded blank web page — fast!

We all fear the blank page. It’s not always easy to get started or find your flow, but here we’ll give you the keys to successful web copy on every page. In this module, you’ll:

Learn the top 2 formulas every copywriter uses to create compelling copy that converts again and again

Get the easy-to-use templates for product & service descriptions, about pages, and every web page to cut the time spent writing into fractions of what it was before

Discover the right way to insert testimonials, proof and a guarantee into your copy so you don’t drive customers away with needless bragging

Leverage the power of landing pages and get straight to the customers who love what you offer

Get the essential tips and tricks to keep home page bounce rate down and dwell time up

Finally write sales-driving, heart-centered copy — even if the problem (or pain point) you solve isn’t immediately obvious


how to create viral content (and repurpose it with less effort)

Every part of your business – from the website, to products & services, and the copy we write – is useless if you can’t drive customers to it. In this module you’ll:

Get a fail-proof framework for creating viral content to drive traffic to your products & services

Use The Content Calendar Spreadsheet to plan an entire Year of content with our step-by-step guidance

Understand how to repurpose your written content into other forms and make it work double and triple-duty for you and your business

Learn what to do if you don’t have any ideas, and how to get that non-stop idea river ‘flowin’

Discover strategic blogging and stop wasting time churning out wasted content


the most powerful social media strategies to use for your business (hint: it’s not the same for everyone)

Social Media writing is a huge part of your written marketing strategy. In this module, you’ll get a secret set of strategies, tools and best practices that’ll help you leverage social media (including a FB group bonus)! You’ll learn:

The must-use platforms specifically for your business and how to leverage your competition’s success to create your own

Simple ways to encourage customer engagement and get eyeballs on your images, copy and links

Our little-known strategies for researching and automating your social media (everything from the copy and images to hashtags) so customers come to you

Why most newbies crash and burn when it comes to FB groups, and how you can use them to generate consistent cash flow

Must-follow do’s and don’ts for writing in your voice without driving prospective customers away

Real life captures of platforms do this well so you can model after a winning example


How to create your sales funnel written marketing complete with done-for-you templates

Sales funnels are the foundation of all successful business models. In this module, you’ll get the low-down on exactly how you can create one – FAST! You’ll learn:

Step-by-step guidance on how to build a sales funnel in your business no matter what you sell

A complete template series you can plug your message into and instantly begin building brand loyalty that converts

Simple steps on repurposing this series for every launch, release, holiday sale, what-have-you

Must-follow do’s and don’ts for implementing upsell and downsell offers and the only time to do it

A behind-the-scenes glance at my Sales Funnel Map, and the series I use to build brand loyalty and sell again and again


the overnight success strategy framework used by every successful entrepreneur

In this module, you’ll get an intense worksheet walking you through systematizing your success from here forward. You’ll learn:

How to use this worksheet to plan the future of your success and what your action steps are

Simple, foolproof methods to stay on track, trust the plan, and avoid deviating into shiny object syndrome territory

Why most new businesses fail from business lifestyle burnout, and how you can structure work/life balance into your success

The End Goal Strategy and how to work backwards to get what you want faster

Where to go from here, and how to implement your new course of action


the highly sought-after case study module: your true-to-life example of everything covered, and your model for success

Sometimes we learn best by seeing how others have done it first. In this module, you’ll get complete copies of just about everything we teach you to create, so you can model after winning examples—start to finish. You’ll see everything in action:

From theory to action steps

From template to finished product

From checklist to completed project

Brand story conception to complete written marketing strategy


the tools to help you achieve everything we teach more quickly, efficiently, and without the pain of manual implementation

Today, you’ll need more than a keyboard and document to get the job done. In this module, you’ll get step-by step tutorials on every tool we use and recommend for your online written marketing. You’ll learn:

How to automate your social media as far out as you can plan it

How real life viral content uses the principles we teach and how to model after it

Where and how to find your people on Facebook using pages and groups created just for entrepreneurs like you

Just about all of our worksheets, templates, checklists, spreadsheets, and tools in action as we walk you through exactly what to do

How to never be stuck on any task

How to always make quick, purposeful progress as long as you commit to this program – and that’s our guarantee!


Choose The DNC Written Marketing Plan That’s Right For You


One payment of $1,215
120 Day Money back Guarantee (terms & conditions apply)
Lifetime Support
Direct Access to Instructor
Private Facebook Group
2 Payments of $607.50
120 Day Money back Guarantee (terms & conditions apply)
Lifetime Support
Direct Access to Instructor
Private Facebook Group


You can trust us!


Risk free or your money back!

Enroll Now and You’ll Get These Additional Sales Maximizing Trainings & Bonuses — FREE


The Masterclass Master List of our Pre-launch Webinars dissecting everything from About Pages & Product Descriptions to Sales Funnels

If you just can’t get enough of the secrets and strategies we include in this course, here’s an option for those ready to dig a little deeper. In this bonus, you’ll get an abundance of Live Webinars diving deep into each aspect of the course from different perspectives to help you absorb new ways of writing, value-drenched content *and* exclusive insights from experts. This must-have resource is your quick reference guide for on-the-go copywriting guidance, and an instant lesson in how you can repurpose your content to serve a wider audience using your voice and your brand personality to its fullest.

(Value $199) Included with DNC Written Marketing!


Katie the Case Study – our complete Written Marketing example for every kind of learner

Our theory is solid, our track record is impeccable, our templates and checklists are Out Of This World. Unfortunately, most people don’t know how to write copy based solely on theory – checklist or no! In this bonus training, you’ll learn how we put each copywriting lesson to the test and build an entire Example Business to who you exactly how to write for your own business. You’re moments away from transforming your written marketing into something incredible!

(Value $299) Included with DNC Written Marketing!


The Private DNC Written Marketing FB Community (or you could call it your On-Call Copywriter)

You’re rockin’ and rollin’ through our course, but how do you know your written marketing is up to par? That’s where this last and most amazing bonus comes in. The DNC Written Marketing Course Private FB Community is where we continue your education and provide real feedback on everything you submit to us. More than that, we get to learn as a group, stay accountable and support each other throughout our written marketing journey. We considered charging extra for this because it requires so much work, but it’s just too good to not include as a bonus. Get in, and get the feedback you need to make your business a success!

(Value $99/MONTH = $1,188/YEAR) Included with DNC Written Marketing!


What you’re about to learn has been critical in helping generate BIG money for the startups, brand names, and $M corporations I’ve served → and that’s not even counting the success you’re about to see.

The additional bonuses alone are the result of thousands of dollars in private client work. You’re getting years of experience and hard-won lessons that have been refined into easy-to-grasp templates, formulas and ready-to-use checklists that save you exhaustive time, $$$, effort.

This is the only business writing course that takes you through every aspect of Written Marketing for your business from conception → to implementation → and successful evolution with high-converting copy in your own voice using your straight-from-the-heart message.

Not To Mention Our 100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee

The DNC Written Marketing Program comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee. We genuinely want to help you transform your business and, therefore, your life with the writing skills you develop with DNC Written Marketing. And, in order to do that, we expect you to give 110% of your effort to learning and implementing these strategies. That’s why in order to be eligible for our 120 Day Money Back Guarantee, you must submit proof that you implemented our principles and it did not work for you.

If you’ve implemented our strategies, don’t feel that it worked for you and submit your written marketing within 120 days of purchase, we’ll promptly refund your course fee. To be clear, if you do not include your fully implemented written marketing requirements within the 120 day period, no refund will be issued. (Read our full terms here)

My Aim Is To Make You A Driving Force For Honest, Persuasive Marketing

If you’ve made it this far, you owe it to yourself, and your business, to admit that conquering better communication can catapult your business’ growth, empower your brand and help you make a difference in your industry.

I want to give you every tool in my arsenal to make you a more authentically powerful and inspiring communicator. I want you to make sure you have everything you need to make your business an phenomenal success.

That’s why my aim is to make you a driving force for honest, persuasive marketing. Someone whose goal is to make a constructive change in the world by serving and influencing others in a purely positive way.

Understand, as an entrepreneur, lack of communication skills *will* prevent you from achieve your business goals. You owe it to those you serve (heck, you owe to yourself) to learn how to communicate powerfully and persuasively.

You got nothing to lose. And everything to gain!

DNC Written Marketing comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Apply what you learn and it will quickly become clear — there’s no limit to YOUR success.


Choose The DNC Written Marketing Plan That’s Right For You



One payment of $1,215
120 Day Money back Guarantee (terms & conditions apply)
Lifetime Support
Direct Access to Instructor
Private Facebook Group
2 Payments of $607.50
120 Day Money back Guarantee (terms & conditions apply)
Lifetime Support
Direct Access to Instructor
Private Facebook Group


You can trust us!


Risk free or your money back!


Will taking this course eliminate the need to hire a professional copywriter?
It’s incredibly possible. Our NUMBER ONE intention when we created DNC Written Marketing was to save you thousands of dollars you would otherwise have spent on hiring copywriters. In the future you may choose to hire a copywriter, for any number of reasons, but that’s your decision entirely. Our aim is that, after completing the steps, templates, checklists and modules in the DNC Written Marketing course, you’ll be able to feel confident using your voice in all forms of communication, and with the added bonus of our private community (where you can submit what you’ve written for feedback) there’s really no way you can’t win.
Is this a good course for bloggers who don’t have or want a business?
It’s still important to drawn and connect with your readers using your words. We’ll show you how you can create copy that’s influential and original so your readers will want to come back for more with each new post.
Will I receive feedback on my writing?

Developing and taming your writing voice is no easy feat. Fortunately, as part of the DNC Written Marketing program, you’ll be invited into the Private FB Community where we provide a structured environment for submitting your writing for feedback from myself and my team. There is no other program like this out there, and the difference this community has made is clear.

Remember, once you enroll in the DNC Written Marketing course program, it’s yours for life. Complete the modules, and re-complete, as many times as you need to, as often as you want. The more you practice, the better your copy becomes.

Will there be plenty of examples to clarify the points?
Of Course! In fact, we’ve done something no other copywriting course out there has and created a case study along with all of the templates, checklists, formulas, etc. This case study walks you through each module showing you how to implement theory, create from the checklists, and fill in the templates. Not only that, we’ve also included real-life examples so you can see how these theories are working for people in the real world.
If I write for someone else’s business, instead of just my own, will this still work for me?
Absolutely! Take the principles you learn in the DNC Written Marketing course, and use them for any and all communication.
Do I get lifetime access to the DNC Written Marketing program?

Yes. For the first time, we’re proudly offering the Lifetime Learning Program. What does that really mean? You get LIFETIME access to the course (never forget what you’ve learned). You get LIFETIME access to all future updates and changes (never miss out on the latest techniques). You get LIFETIME access to our team and the community (always have a place to submit your work – now and in the future – for professional feedback). That’s worth double, triple, 10Xs the price we charge. All yours for the one-time price of $850.50.

When is the deadline to sign up?
There’s no deadline! Huzzah! You can enroll in the DNC Written Marketing course whenever you like, 24/7, 365 days a year. However, if you participate in our boost launches (put on every few months) you might get some extra bonuses

Do you have a discount available?

We do occasionally offer discounts, and we’ll announce those by email, so make sure you’re on our list.

How is this different from other copywriting courses I’ve seen or participated in?

The DNC Written Marketing Membership Course Program is completely different from anything else you may have seen advertised or participated in. We offer 8 modules covering EVERY SINGLE ASPECT of Written Marketing for your online business. That’s double what other courses offer.

We also include an invitation to our private Facebook community where you’re encouraged to submit your writing for feedback from our team of professional copywriters.

That’s UNHEARD of in the online course industry! We help you create results, and we back-up our promises with value-driven action.

Most people sell you a course, take your money, and leave you to figure out the rest on your own. We want you to be wildly successful.


Because we know that when you find success you’ll tell others the good news which also helps us increase our following and help more people.

That’s a WIN – WIN!

One of the biggest factors found in successful people is knowledge. With our course, you’ll also receive any and all updates we push out. Which means you’ll never miss out or lose the competitive edge – EVER again!

We don’t know what other programs you’re considering, but we also offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee*. That means there’s nothing to lose and everything to gain. Decide for yourself if our program is a good fit for you!

Do you offer refunds?

You bet! We offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee*. Our aim is that you’re more than satisfied with the DNC Written Marketing Course Program, and of course, we also expect you to give 100% of your effort into putting these strategies to use. We only want to work with folks who are serious about taking action and fully dedicated to improving their written marketing skills. To this end, and in order to be eligible for our 120-day Money Back Guarantee, we require you to submit proof that you IMPLEMENTED the coursework and it did not work for you. (Read our full terms here).

If you complete and implemented the full coursework and still don’t feel that it worked for you, please submit:

  • Links to web pages, social media, email funnels


  • Documents of written marketing you’ve already published to your sites, social media platforms, emails, etc.

Within 120 days and we’ll promptly refund your course fee in full. If your implemented coursework is not submitted to our team before 11:59pm EST on the 29th day after your purchase, no refund will be issued.

What if I need customer support?
Reach out to us! Our team is here to help if you run into tech problems, have a question about the program or just want to have a chat. You can reach us by email at


Choose The DNC Written Marketing Plan That’s Right For You



One payment of $1,215
120 Day Money back Guarantee (terms & conditions apply)
Lifetime Support
Direct Access to Instructor
Private Facebook Group
2 Payments of $607.50
120 Day Money back Guarantee (terms & conditions apply)
Lifetime Support
Direct Access to Instructor
Private Facebook Group


You can trust us!


Risk free or your money back!


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Customer Testimonials. As with all business-related programs, your results using the DNC Written Marketing Membership Course Program may vary from customer testimonials you may see in our marketing material. Many variables, such as: Level of effort, business acumen, personal qualities, knowledge, skills, and a host of other factors may determine your results.

Since these factors differ from individual to individual, we cannot guarantee your success, results, or income level, nor are we responsible for your success or failure. The DNC Written Marketing Membership Course Program is not a “get rich quick scheme.” It may take lots of time, effort, and dedication to achieve your individually desired outcome. We believe that this program is a great resource to help you achieve your desired results.

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